CDC 1.0

The Categorically Disaggregated Conflict (CDC) (Version 1.0, 2015.07)

(Presented in Bartusevičius, Henrikas (2016) Introducing the Categorically Disaggregated Conflict (CDC) dataset. Conflict Management and Peace Science 33(1): 89-110. doi: 10.1177/0738894215570423

The CDC provides a categorization of 331 intrastate armed conflicts recorded between 1946 and 2010 into four categories:

  1. Ethnic governmental;
  2. Ethnic territorial;
  3. Non-ethnic governmental;
  4. Non-ethnic territorial.

The dataset uses the UCDP/PRIO Armed Conflict Dataset v.4-2011, 1946 – 2010 (Themnér & Wallensteen, 2011; also Gleditsch et al., 2002) as a base – and thus is an extension of the UCDP/PRIO dataset.

Here you can download the codebook with coding descriptions and complete dataset in a spreadsheet. Here is also a file for country-year analysis of conflict onset.

Please note that this project is ongoing. The coding descriptions and coding sources are constantly updated. The information contained in the coding descriptions will be more extensive as new data becomes available. Comments, suggestions, and updates from area/country experts are especially welcome and should be sent to:

Please also note that, while the coding of conflicts in the CDC has been finalised, the coding descriptions, for some conflicts, remain unavailable. Every single conflict has been carefully considered, and the material (together with sources) used to inform the coding of every case is kept in the author’s personal notes. Potential users willing to know the individual coding decisions for cases where coding descriptions are temporarily unavailable are welcome to contact the author.

Important Notes:

  • I have been informed by Cyrus Mohammadian (University of Southern California) that the “GW” codes for some countries in the CDC were incorrect. The GW codes have now been corrected.
    • If you downloaded the CDC before 16 Jan 2016 and used GW codes to merge the data, please be aware of this.